A. Serape swings

A1. Internal sagittal cross pendulum x 30-60 secs
A2. External sagittal cross pendulum x 30-60 secs
A3. Frontal pendulums x 30-60 secs

Goal. Increase ranges and work with 60 secs per variation

B. Hips SL opening

B1. Spiral split hold x 15-30 sec x 2 sets
B2. Split turns x 1-3” each pos x 10 reps x 2 sets
B3. Forward stretch bounce x 15-30 x 2 sets

Goal. B1. Working with 30 sec. B2. Increasing 10 cm from original testing. B3. Working with 30 sec

C. Hips BL opening

C1. Compressed forward walk x 30-60 sec
C2. Compressed sideway walk x 30-60 sec
C3. Sissy walks x 10 steps

Goal. C1&C2. Working with 60 sec. Showing a clear proficiency in keeping the compression during the transitional moments. C3. Performing it while touching the ground

D. Leg lifts

D1. High leg pass overs forward x 10 reps
D2. High leg pass overs sideway x 10 reps
D3. High leg backwards iso hold x 10 reps

Goal. Show a 10 cm increase from the start

E. Torso

E1. Bridge wall walks x 3-5 rounds x 2 sets
E2. Bridge pivots x 10 reps x 2 sets
E3. Back lying forward fold touches x 10 reps x 2 sets

Goal. E1. 5 rounds while keeping lengths and relaxation in the body. E2. Start from the one arm variation and work your way to the full one x 10 reps. E3. Increase by 10 cm from the beginning.

Here’s the visual references to the exercises:

In hope this will serve bring you flexibility in these uncertain days!

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