Classes are currently running from Monday to Thursday in Vienna, Austria, EU.

Everyone in the group meets regularly under my direct guidance to ensure the highest quality of education.

The materials are taught following a yearly curriculum and not improvised on spot.

You will be educated on a wide variety of topics, of which you can find a description here

Group work will be followed by individual homework, to reach a comprehensive list of goals, and graduation tasks.

Further info


The classes will run in multiple locations, both indoors and outdoors, depending on the types of projects in which we will be involved as a group. The spots are communicated a week before to all the participants.

Amount and duration

Each class will last 2 hours in length. There will be four classes per week:

Monday – Wednesday = 8-10
Tuesday – Thursday = 1820

Friday-Saturday-Sunday will be left for independent development, events, and side projects in which active students will be invited to take part.

* Conditions to enter the classes: There will be no initial requirements in terms of previous experience as the practice will be completely scalable, but only committed people willing to do work long term will be allowed in.

** Language: The education will be provided in English.