This workshop aims at clarifying four orders of relationships within a movement practice: between oneself and the environment, other living beings, the body, and the inner world.

You will learn practical tools to develop an athletic and clever body capable of changing organization and substance at will. Increase your sixth sense, aerial agility, proprioception, and dynamic awareness.

Activate any environment through the right vision and use it for your own development. You will also be presented with field-tested approaches to manipulate your deep physiology for better overall wellbeing, nervous system rebalance and improving the behaviour of your own internal landscape.

This workshop originates where athletics, urban practices, the science of strength and conditioning and movement meet for the first time.

You will be exposed to the original concept of the environmental movement practice: exploring it in terms of frameworks, vision, and root sources. 

In this event you will learn how to cultivate an agile and powerful body, a sharp mind tested in a variety of contexts and to activate any environment through the right vision for your own development.

This event will focus on finding, awakening, and cultivating the hidden fountain of health and power hidden inside of us: the life force

In essence, it represents the energy source that serves as a necessary fuel for any action we do. It is a precursor of any choice we make – low energy means immobility, lack of vitality and low quality of life. Nowadays most grew disconnected from it and the many techniques and ways of living that serve its enhancement, are lost. In the event, we will shed light on why this happened, what this source of energy is, and how to find the back path to it through our internal dimension and via external experiences in a movement practice. 

You will be given practical frameworks to bring back balance within yourself.

Past Events

Here are a few video summaries of some events from the academic year 2021-2022:

Vienna, AustriaGrand opening of the school
Bojini, Slovenia – A journey through the elements
Paris, France – A journey through the elements (hosted by Alain Couturier – Movement Practice Paris)
Torino, Italy – Raduno Italiano di Movimento
Lisboa, Portugal – Four faces of movement (hosted by Tiago F. Martins and André Dias – Movement Lisboa)
Singapore – Four faces of movement (hosted by Sean Tan – Singapore Movement Practice)
Dublin, Ireland – Four faces of movement (hosted by my good friend and student Adam O’Sullivan)
New York, USA – Intensive (hosted by Will Torres – WillSpace)
Boulder and Denver, Colorado – Environmental Movement Practice (hosted by Matt Bernstein, Zack Finer, Liav Memada – ApeCo)
Brasilia, Brasil – Environmental Movement Practice (hosted by Rodrigo Salulima, Isabela Crema – Pratique Movimento)
Bratislava, Slovakia – Environmental Movement Practice (hosted by Mathias Cizmarik – Movement Bratislava)
Amsterdam, Netherlands – Environmental Movement Practice (hosted by Rich Andoh and Jori Meijer – HiddenBody)
Rome, Italy – Movement Intensive 2022 (in an independent event)