Intensive Seminar

This is a week-long experience to be lived with the rest of the close tribe. Here, brand new findings, organized plagiarism free material and ideas from teachers from all over the globe are presented. 

Accommodation and organic meals are included.

There, we live like a tribe, resonate like one with only two goals in mind: develop the best educational tools and to live the most authentic experiences.
This is the best option to blow on the fire for months to come, find like-minded practitioners, develop life-long friendships while moving forward a personal practice.

 It only happens once per year and with limited spots. During the event, inedited lectures will follow long days of practice

Get ready to fill your notebook!

The intensive 2019 is here.


What will it be about?

Welcome to the second edition of this week-long educational experience that will take place in Padova, Italy. Be ready to discover my newest research and material in a stimulating and bonding environment.
The event will begin on the 1st of July and will end on the 5th.
Accommodation on the arrival (30th of June) and departure (6th of July) is already included.
Three meals a day will be provided from a new local organic food company, alongside with daily practical sessions, engaging lectures and discussions by the campfire.
*The Seminar will be delivered in English*
Everything is already there
Presented by Marcello Palozzo
During this year’s intensive, the triad “preparation – imagination – application” will be presented.
We will start by investigating different body resets: from re-tuning the tension originated in different districts of the body to expand diverse qualities of the limbs, all the way to conditioning a great variety of neglected tissues, like those of the skin. To follow, the theory of games will serve as an underlying framework for understanding problem-building methodologies within an urban scene.
Peeking few meters beyond the horizon
Presented by Ilakkiya Mariya Simon
A connecting red string among many relevant disciplines from all over the world is the capacity of a person to engage in long-duration ventures and bring them to completion. How fascinating it is to hear the stories of humans crossing the desert walking for weeks or swimming for countless hours to avoid a threat.
We will study the power of long exposure practices, from an anthropological perspective and through practical scenarios: hiking, seeking, balancing, and waiting. Observing the key values like patience and reciprocity, lost in modern times.
You will also understand the power of proper breathing.
Expect the darkness and gain all the treasures resulting from the confrontation with it.
Corners: the geometry of dance
Presented by Gianluca Bettio
Vertical and horizontal surfaces will be put in a relationship with our bodies to investigate principles of flow and rhythm. Expect innovative creative research, based on vectors, spirals, points of contacts, crosses, knots, and layers. It will aim at shedding some light onto the geometry of dance.
Be ready to jazz with the ever-present corners of a city and to explore all the options that they offer.
Starting from de Lavoisier’s axiom “Dans la nature rien ne se crée, rien ne se perd, tout change” (In nature nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything transforms), it’s easy to realize that potential for action is only limited by the personal capacity to visualize change and interact with space.
End this Intensive 2019 with a different perception of how to approach your surroundings.

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