The main scope of these workshops is to provide orientation in a practice of movement in relationship with space. Get ready to be thrown into a whole new world of tools and perspectives for development. The environment will never be the same after this experience.

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With “Environmental Practices” I refer to all movement practices developed in a relationship with space, whether that’s in a city or in a natural setting. We live in a space, whether we want it or not. We can choose to ignore it, or we can use it to grow. Buildering walls, traversing pipes, walking pavements, rolling on floors, flowing on concrete blocks, brachiating on trees, standing on high poles, biking through traffic, balancing on rails and chains, squeezing through fences and so on are all scenarios of the interaction. Get back to tabula rasa. The reality becomes plastic, allowing creation and dynamicity rather than passivity and dogma. The façade of a supermarket iis a climbing gym, the cramped roads full of traffic become the pulsating veins of a macro-organism. Pipes carrying gas and water on the side of hotels are a web to sit to watch the life silently passing by; the manholes to the sewers are portals to another dimension full of mysteries underneath the cities. In my research, I have extrapolated elements coming from different fields to then connect them together, with the aim of maintaining the same alchemy of old disciplines, projected into their contemporary shape. To read more about the topic, click on the link in bio. The new article is waiting for you there. To plan a workshop with me or for info regarding the 2019's intensive write to Video from my last INTENSIVE 2018 workshop by the mastro @raffaele_najjar whose skill grow with every breath. #movementculture #parkour #parkourwave #urbex #infiltration #urbanadventure

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Intensive Seminar

A week-long experience with the rest of the close tribe: the best option to blow on the fire for months to come. It only happens once per year and with limited spots. Hosts will be present from all over the globe.
During the event, lectures will follow long days of practiceGet ready to fill your notebook! 


Distance Learning

Start a long-term development plan from wherever you are. Expect a different programming than the ones you normally see around. I am not oriented towards aesthetics or fitness. My goal goes way beyond that.