Distance learning services

Through this modality, you can become part of my school of practice without being physically close to me. This is the best way to fully understand what it is about, embrace a long-term process of development and enter the inner circle of the school. 

Expect a different program from the ones you normally see around. This program aims to be a transformational education and experience. I am not after a shallow accumulation of techniques and tutorials, period.

Here is an overview of what you will study with me both practically and theoretically: 

Environment Navigation Skills
Brachiating, jumping, landing, managing impacts, climbing, vaulting to name a few. Gaining different movement solutions and possibilities are, in fact, essential to work towards more real or complicated scenarios and explore a multitude of situations we can interact with.

Physical preparedness
Strength-power-mobility-conditioning training, motor intelligence and taxonomy vocabulary, body integrity preservation (hard/soft prehab and rehab techniques), specific preparation.

Coordinative Abilities
Athletic coordination, body awareness, motor regulation and retuning for skills development, balancing material.

Creative Paradigms
Exploring the space as a canvas, learning to work with different scores, interacting with ever-present objects like bars and walls, developing diverse acrobatics tools and principles for technique sequencing.

Application layers
Task-oriented games, problem building, developing a framework for visualization, urban adventure & exploration, infiltration and other recipes to live the most authentic experiences.

Internal practices
Meditation, contemplation frameworks, fear management, long-duration work, visualisation techniques. All aimed at balancing the nervous system and getting to the depth of the subconscious parts of the self.

Accessory work
Breathing systems, and recovery techniques… 


We will dig into principles, attributes, families of techniques, different paradigms, goals setting, forms of categorization, ethics, building a personal philosophy, and so on. You will be asked to go through certain books/ papers/readings and submit some documents that will make our work together more clear and meaningful. 

Read this document to better understand my philosophy and let me know if you have any questions regarding this. 

Remember: I am interested in building long-lasting transformative processes with my students, not a 1-month experience. So please do consider that if you want to commit to this journey with me. I have high-quality standards; I require a lot but I also give a lot – the traces of those who were part of the school can be found all over the world.