Workshop – how to use a city

Developing a physical practice in relation to space


 The main scope of this workshop will be to provide guidance in the development of a physical practice in a relationship with space.

Elements that we are going to touch upo

Physical Preparedness


Building strength, speed, power, velocity, softness, hardness, elasticity using as little elements as possible is a reality. Our complex systems need specific stimuli to adapt and develop motor intelligence. You will learn how to maximize the outcome of your session using natural movement and simple tools like hard floors, vertical walls and horizontal bars.
 You will be exposed to methodologies on how to program your own training on a long-term, in a critical manner and the main elements to look after when thinking about periodization. The logic on how to program training coming from extensive scientific literature investigation will be provided. The meaning of strength in our everyday life will also be a matter of discussion and reflection.


Impacts managements – the air world


The participants will be exposed to the basic coordination needed for jumping and landing and to many technical details upon impacts management on any surface. This will allow for longer and healthier practices over time. You will learn how long it takes for the body to adapt to the hardest stimuli through the original concept of “hard prehab”.


Bars Flow


In this section, bars will be used to explore the concepts of flow, rhythm and creative expression. A family of techniques will be presented to orient the practitioners in this world. All elements are part of a continuum that will explore attributes beyond mere skill acquisition.

Some modalities of investigation in artistic research will be taught in order to perceive affordances in space differently and to develop personal critical capacity.


Parkour games


The oldest and deepest layers of building a body lay in a wide array of situations that can be organized in different games. In this section, we will observe problem buildings methodologies, the PIA (preparation->imagination->application) triad, games’ theory, tools for city exploration and adventuring, how to develop a vision to scan the space with new eyes. There is a huge world to discover, hidden inside this qualitative approach. Not everything in life can be measurable via reps and sets.


Urban Balancing


You will get an in-depth knowledge of what balancing principles are, as well as the different scenarios, objects, and situations that can be used to develop this skill.

 We will observe static and dynamic balance routines as well as riddles, mounts, tips and safety procedures to effectively deal with a practice of this sort. Get ready to be challenged with all the ever-present tools of the urban environment.


Understanding fear via height exposure


We will explore the world of risk management as a potentiating tool for growth and as a mean to produce long-term memories and long-lasting motor learning solutions. Moreover, particular attention will be placed on what fear actually is, its powers, its dangers and how it can be channeled to trigger personal development. Breathing techniques, partner drills, awareness, and proprioceptive exercises will be part of this authentic experience.


…More workshops will soon be available.

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