Single pole protocol – intro

Single pole protocol – intro

A. Entries

A1. Reverse belly peacock entry
A2. Reverse back leg grip entry
A3. Side handstand press entry

A1/A3 x 6-10 reps each

Goal. Working with 10 reps each – show flawless transition


B1. Monkey to crane mount
B2. Pistol to crane mount
B3. Kip to crane mount

B1/B3 AMRAP x 3 mins each

Goal. Working with >25 reps within the given time frame


C1. The frontal clock
C2. The horizontal clock

C1/C2 x 10-20 correct reps x 2 sets each

Goal. 20 reps with a quiet body and silent standing foot

Strength OKC

D1. LLHL holds – front
D2. LLHL holds – side
D3. LLHL holds – back

D1/D3 x 3 clusters of 5-10 seconds 1:1 rest: work x 2 sets per type

Goal. Working with 10 secs and show a visible increase of holding height

Strength CKC

E1. Single pole neutral OLS x 3-8 reps x 5 sets
E2. The plow x 8-15 singles
E3. Single pole climb ups x AMRAP x 10 mins

Regressions: E1. Free foot on top of the other E2. Bottom foot on the ground E3. Eccentrics or pull ups/dips

Goal. E1 x 8 reps; E2 x 15 singles; E3 x 1/3 increase from the start

Here’s the visual references to the exercises:

Use this protocol to increase motor wits, intrinsic lower limbs strength, grappling force production, and retune balancing systems.

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