Lightness skills – protocol 1


A. Light touch x 10 reps each / rest as needed

Perform a jump. While in the air, lightly tap the tennis ball, making it roll out of its position. Land silently and accurately.

A1. Sideway Jump – sideway touch
A2. Split Jump – Inside touch
A3. Forward Jump – Forward touch
A4. Forward Jump – Backward touch

Goal. Reach the full 40 jumps without mistakes. 

B. Four staircase jumps x 6-12 reps each / 120” rest after each permutation

Jump up the staircase using four different permutations in the jumps and in the landings. 

B1. Two legs to two legs
B2. Two legs to one leg
B3. One leg to the same leg
B4. One leg to two legs

Goal. Build up capacity to max rep range. Working 90% success rate on the landings, good jumping mechanics, and soft accurate landings. Increase by 1 step your initial max jump. 

C. Acceleration drill – ball hunt x 4-6 cluster reps / 180” rest after each

Lie in a prone position facing your partner. When she throws a tennis ball behind you turn to the right or to the left splitting your starting stance on the right or on the left. Catch the ball before it bounces twice. 

C1. Right turn, left stance
C2. Right turn, right stance
C3. Left turn, left stance
C4. Left turn, right stance 

Goal. Working with sharpness, athletic coordination, and a clear understanding of all the given permutations. 

D. Cloud walking x 10 minutes of work

Silently walk on four tennis balls, without touching the ground with any part of your feet, and without moving them out of their spot. Draw circles around them to stay accountable – keep high standards of execution.

Goal. Performing the drill 5 lines in a row without making mistakes. Keep the balls 2 of your feet in distance from each other.


Here’s the visual references to the exercises:

In hope this will serve bring lightness in what appears to be a heavy moment for most, good people.

Until next time,